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How to avoid Locksmith scam?


*Avoid working with companies without a current locksmith license.  



* Avoid working with companies that will quote you “15 and up” or “19 and  up” for labor . Most of them are scammers and would overcharge you for the labor. You’ll end up paying MUCH MORE!


As seen on Channel 2 news 5/6/2010

To go to the story click on the link below


How to avoid a scam company? - tips


*Try to find the company’s license before you call. Any legitimate company would publish their license on their web site.  

You can view our locksmith license by pressing here

Or at the top left corner of the screen (above the logo)


* Google the exact company name and see if there are any complaints form customers. Many scam company names will trigger links to scams and bad reviews.


*Make sure that when you call, the person on the other line answers with the full company name and not only “locksmith”. For example - we answer the phone “First Bay Locksmith, how may I help you?”.


* Make sure the person on the other line does not ask you the  state you are calling from. That would indicate that you in fact reached a call center that processes calls nationwide.


*When the locksmith arrives - check for signs on the vehicle. Any legitimate company would use vehicle advertising.

All of our vehicles are marked!  


* It is within your full right to ask for a Locksmith license.

By law, every locksmith has to be licensed by the state and carry it at all times. All of our Locksmiths are licensed and carry a valid locksmith license at all times!


* A legitimate locksmith would always ask you for your Id prior to opening a locked car or a house.


*Make sure that the receipt you are getting matches the company name you have called.


* We at First Bay Locksmith hope that this would help you choose for a better locksmith company. What sounds too cheap - usually ends up in being much more expensive.


We at First Bay Locksmith are committed to the best service in the area. We feel that if we can educate you as customers and help you choose better and avoid scams - we did our job better.


If you have any questions or concerns - feel free to call us 24/7

408-571-9053, (877) 70 -LOCKS